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DigiGreen is a game-changer project aiming to play a significant role in the green and digital transition of the sector! Focusing on the reskilling and upskilling of the postal workers while suggesting new, eco-friendly and cutting- edge tech innovations our journey is writing a big chapter of the very much needed transition!

Nefeli Papagiannakou – Project Manager, AKMI

“The DigiGreeNPost Project will have a significant impact on the postal sector due to its revolutionary learning and skills recognition system. It is time to steer our postal workers into the digital and green opportunities throughout the sector. We will achieve this together with the DigiGreeNPost Project!”

Dr. Antonino Scribellito – Head of Projects, PostEurop

“DigiGreen is one of those projects with a major impact on the partners. Digitization should be seen as an appropriate tool to stimulate and support value creation, both at the human level and at the company level.
Being fortunate to have partners whose proved experience and competency are widely recognized and appreciated, we are confident that DigiGreen will be a real success, with benefits for all those involved!”

Simona Tarabasanu – Head of International Mail Department

"The DiGiGreeNPost can facilitate and accelerate the work of the postal employees through upskilling in green and digital competence areas and finally achieving quality services and enhanced experience for their customers."

Markos Tsipouras – Project Manager DiGiGreeNPost, Associate Professor University of Western Macedonia

"Digital and green policies are two of the most important fundamentals for progress, nowadays.
DigiGreeNPost Project covers both of them and aims to explore them in the promising postal sector. The results of the project can boost the postal sector resulting in better quality services and enhanced experience for their customers."

Achilles Kameas
 – Group Leader DAISSy Group, Associate Professor Hellenic Open University

"As we already experience the 4.0 technological evolution, Posts could not stay behind. Artificial intelligence and environmental sustainability become more and more part of our everyday lives and should become part of our consciousness in order for all our efforts and actions to matter. DigiGreenPost program comes to fulfill this gap and bring Postal Workers to the new era."

George Nikolopoulos – Strategic and Commercial Development Director of EUROCERT

"From Hermes, the herald of Gods to the modern-day postmen: a function of millennia! With DigiGreenPost program, the function’s profile comes into being and gets adds value through certification."

Takis Theofanopoulos – EUROCERT Academy Director

“We count on DigiGreen because it is imperative to promote awareness on environmental responsibility and support of digital transformation within our company and among our partners.”

Aris Maragkakis – Project Manager ELTA

“If you really want to have green practices and digital policies that are effective, you have to involve from the beginning the people and the users of that practices. In this view DigiGreen will help us achieving our digital transformation and at the same time it will drive our services to a more environmental friendly pathways.”

Nondas Vasileiou – Director of Training ELTA

"As a career councillor and expert in the educational needs of the future employees, for all sectors, but especially for such a visible one in the eyes of the community, I think that DigiGreeNPost is not only welcomed but also highly needed in Romania."

Melania Dragomis – CJRAE Timis Director, expert in career guidance and counselling