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The 1st DACUM ELTA-AKMI – Dissemination @ PostEurop

ELTA and AKMI S.A. held the DigiGreeNPost Project – 1st DACUM Workshop on 09 and 10 February 2023, in the premises of ELTA (Kesariani, GREECE) with the aim to verify the already identified digital and green trends (based on our research at national and EU level) and record needs and gaps regarding the skills needed to be updated (upskilling) and revised or/and reinforced (reskilling) in order to deliver trainings that will respond to them.

About 12 participants, expert employees and supervisors, from 3 different professional clusters (Post Offices, Distribution Units, and Headquarters) attended the 2-day workshop organized by Training Directorate and coordinated by AKMI SA. participants.

The aim of the workshop was to exchange experiences and share the operational knowledge of the participants in order to develop an updated training Curriculum for postal employees, embedding more “digital + green” skills and competences.