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DigiGreeNPost Project – Technical Partners Meeting

The DigiGreeNPost Project – Technical Partners Meeting, held on May 25-26, 2023, in Dublin, Ireland, served as a collaborative gathering for partners of the project. 

Day 1 began with registration and a warm welcome, followed by project updates from partners, providing a comprehensive overview of the progress made thus far. Work Package 3, focused on the creation of a Skills Ecosystem for DigiGreeNPost skilled postal employees, was discussed, including updates and work done by partners. The session concluded with planning the next steps to ensure the successful implementation of Work Package 3. Later in the day, discussions shifted to Work Package 4, which aimed to develop new skills curricula and joint training, followed by Work Package 5, focusing on the pilot delivery of training. 

Day 2 commenced with the opening session, setting the tone for the day’s discussions. Work Package 1, which focused on project management and coordination, was the first item on the agenda. Participants shared insights and strategies to ensure effective governance of the project. Subsequently, Work Package 7 addressed dissemination and exploitation activities, exploring avenues to maximize the project’s impact and share outcomes. Work Package 2 focused on quality assurance and evaluation, ensuring that the project met the highest standards of quality. The meeting concluded with an evaluation session, where participants provided feedback and shared their final reflections on the meeting.

The DigiGreeNPost Project – Technical Partners Meeting provided a valuable platform for collaboration and strategic planning, enabling participants to exchange knowledge, track progress, and define the path forward. The discussions held during the meeting will shape the future direction of the project, contributing to the realization of its objectives.