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DigiGreeNPost Project – Online Consultation Webinar: Validating DigiGreen Occupational Profiles

Date: 29th November 2023

Location: Microsoft Teams

On the 29th of November 2023, the DigiGreeNPost Project hosted a pivotal Online Consultation Webinar, focused on the validation of DigiGreen Occupational Profiles. Facilitated by Antonino Scribellito, Head of Projects at PostEurop, the webinar commenced with a warm welcome and an introduction to the day’s discussions.

Theodor Grassos, Director at AKMI S.A., took the virtual stage to present an insightful overview of the DigiGreeNPost Project, highlighting its goals and importance within the context of sustainable practices. Following this, Antonio Gennarelli, EU Project Manager at EVBB, shed light on the specific scope of the webinar, laying the foundation for in-depth discussions on occupational profiles.

A critical dimension was introduced by Eleni Varvaroussi, Head of the Department of Regulatory Framework, New Technologies & Applications at The Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE), as she addressed the essential aspect of postal security.

The latter part of the webinar, steered by Antonino Scribellito, delved into a detailed discussion about occupational profiles within the postal sector. Antonio Gennarelli then presented key findings, specific occupational profiles, and the broader perspective of DigiGreen Meta-Profiles.

The webinar reached its culmination with an open discussion and feedback session, where all participants actively engaged in collaborative conversations. This interactive exchange provided a valuable platform for refining and validating the proposed occupational profiles, marking a significant stride towards a sustainable and resilient future for the postal industry.

The DigiGreeNPost Online Consultation Webinar, blending expertise and collaboration, exemplified a collective commitment to shaping a greener, more sustainable trajectory for the postal sector.