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DigiGreeNPost Project – 3rd DACUM Workshop – Romania 

Date: 29th & 30th March 2023

Location: Online

In a collaborative effort between Romanian Post and the “Center for the Promotion of Permanent Learning” in Timișoara, an online interactive workshop transpired on March 29-30, 2023. This workshop was dedicated to the development of a curriculum using the DaCUM methodology.

With a participation range of 11 to 13 postal employees from Romanian Post, boasting up to 33 years of experience across diverse fields such as IT&C, courier services, operations, control activities, quality and environmental management, and economics, the workshop explored vital subjects. The primary focus was on “Greening” policies, resource management, and environmental protection impacting postal operations, as well as digitalization among postal employees.

Green Actions with Impact: Discussions revolved around the necessity for the green transition, emphasizing investment in people’s skills. The workshop proposed concrete actions to support skill acquisition for this transition, including defining the term “greening,” transmitting impactful strategies, and creating training programs to enhance group membership. The responsible use of paper, selective waste collection, and collaboration with relevant institutions were among the strategies outlined.

Digital Actions with Impact: The responsibility of users for computing techniques took center stage, urging the development of a common glossary and the creation of an applied guide for digital tool use. Digitalization was underscored as a tool to stimulate and support value creation at both individual and organizational levels within Romanian Post.

Conclusions: The workshop concluded with Romanian Post’s commitment to training employees in digital, entrepreneurial, and ecological skills. Plans include issuing comprehensive definitions, training in digital and green skills, creating a best practice guide, developing training programs for identified postal professions, implementing a long-term action plan, certifying learning outcomes, and fostering communication and cooperation between vocational education and training (VET) providers and the postal sector.

This workshop marked a significant stride towards integrating sustainability and digitalization into the skill set of postal employees, reinforcing Romanian Post’s commitment to a greener and digitally adept future.