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DigiGreeNPost Project – 2nd Training Mission at Deutsche Post DHL Group

Date: 18th to 21st July 2023

Location: Deutsche Post DHL Group – Innovation Center, Junkersring 55, 53844 Troisdorf, Germany


The DigiGreeNPost Project’s 2nd Training Mission unfolded at the state-of-the-art DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf, Germany, from 18th to 21st July 2023. This mission brought together a diverse group of participants, all unified in their commitment to exploring and implementing sustainable practices within the postal and logistics sector.

Day One – 18th July 2023: Setting the Stage

The inaugural day commenced with an engaging session for all participants. It featured an introduction to the meeting and reflections on the best practices learned from TM1. The agenda delved into the planning for TM2, outlining schedules, methodologies, sustainability strategies, and setting expectations and goals for the meeting.

Day Two – 19th July 2023: Insights and Best Practices

The second day kicked off with welcoming addresses from key figures in Deutsche Post DHL, PostEurop, and Theodor Grassos, Director at AKMI S.A. The day unfolded with presentations on the DigiGreeNPost Project, desk research, and the collection of best practices. Notable insights were shared by project managers from Hellenic Post and Posta Romana, fostering an open discussion. The day culminated in a visit to the DHL Innovation Center, offering participants an immersive experience.

Day Three – 20th July 2023: Group Presentations and Discussions

The third day continued the momentum with presentations from Deutsche Post DHL Group, emphasizing their commitment to sustainability and digitalization. Stefan Niclauss, Vice President for Certified Finance & Certified GoTrade, provided insights into the “Certified” training program. Thomas Baldry, SVP Mail International, highlighted the role of sustainability and digitalization at DHL Group. A session on the “Future of Work” and trend research at DHL set the stage for engaging discussions.

Day Four – 21st July 2023: Strategy and Conclusion Workshop

The final day featured a crucial discussion on the EU Postal Strategy with DigiGreen practices and security assurance, led by Eirini Gavala and Eleni Varvaroussi. The participants then engaged in an interactive workshop, extracting conclusions from the training mission. Key topics included defining key skills, enhancing employee engagement, shaping training programs, promoting green initiatives, fostering a culture of sustainability, creating roles for driving sustainability, and evaluating skills development effectiveness.

The 2nd Training Mission of the DigiGreeNPost Project at Deutsche Post DHL Group served as a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the development of strategies that embrace sustainability in the postal and logistics sector. Participants left equipped with valuable insights and actionable plans to drive positive change within their organizations.