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DigiGreeNPost Project – 1st Training Mission at Groupe La Poste

The DigiGreeNPost Project – 1st Training Mission at Groupe La Poste, held from May 30th to June 2nd, 2023, at Groupe La Poste HQ in Paris, France, provided an opportunity for participants to discuss various aspects of the DigiGreeNPost project, share best practices, learning & training sessions and engage in productive discussions.

Day One began with welcome addresses from Groupe La Poste and PostEurop, setting the stage for the meeting. Participants then delved into presentations and discussions on the DigiGreeNPost project, including insights from AKMI S.A., Hellenic Post, Posta Romana, and the Hellenic Authority for Communication Security & Privacy (ADAE). The session also included the presentation of questionnaire results and an open discussion.

Day Two continued with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and employee engagement. Presentations covered Groupe La Poste’s CSR strategy, CSR training within the Mail, Parcels, and Services Business Unit, and the very interesting and eye-opening Climate Fresk activity. 

Day Three took place at Groupe La Poste’s Innovation Centre at Platforme 58. The morning session explored the innovation ecosystems of Groupe La Poste, including a visit to the Fintech/Assurtech Innovation Ecosystem of La Banque Postale. Participants also gained insights into the innovation vision for 2030. The afternoon session shifted the focus to supporting employees’ green and digital skills, with presentations on the CléA Numérique program, apprenticeship exchanges between La Poste France and La Poste Suisse, and the pedagogical program and project of the School of AI and Data.

Day Four featured an Extracting Conclusion Workshop, bringing together all participants to consolidate the insights and outcomes of the meeting.

Overall, the Training Mission provided a platform for knowledge exchange, project updates, and discussions on various aspects of the DigiGreeNPost project. Participants gained valuable insights into digital and green practices, CSR strategies, innovation ecosystems, and the importance of supporting employees’ skills. The meeting fostered collaboration, allowing participants to contribute to the project’s objectives and pave the way for future endeavors.